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freetailhigh_rp's Journal

Freetail High School - At Least You're Not Failing
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'Freetail High School is located in scenic Freetail Falls, a section of thriving city Warrington, CA. Founded in 1950 by James J. Kenderson, FHS is, and always has been, a wonderful educational institute that prides itself in its commitment to its students. With magnificently qualified teachers and staff willing to help every student who comes their way, top-notch facilities, and state champion sports teams, we guarantee there's a place for everyone here at Freetail High School.'

-FHS Yearbook Introduction, '05 - '06 School Year

FHS is located in Freetail Falls, Warrington, CA. It was founded by James J. Kenderson in 1950, but it is not what most would call a... wonderful educational institute, and most people there could hardly give a crap about anything to do with education.

FHS is located directly in between the rich part of town and the poor part of town, which is one of the things that causes the problems that it has. Fights break out daily (nearly hourly if you're lucky), students are generally either completely disillusioned or spoiled, and the ones who are working hard are only doing so so that they may, one day, be able to leave the place - hopefully before snapping and burning it down.

FHS does, despite all its problems, have excellent sports teams.

The school mascot is Frankie the Freetail Bat, and the school colors are Gray and Blue.

Please Note: Freetail Falls = fictional. Warrington = fictional. California = fictional non-fictional.

FHS is an AU rpg that accepts fictional characters from everything from anime to movies to books, as well as OCs (though this is NOT intended to become a mostly-OC rpg). We hope you'll enjoy your stay here, and we'd love for you to join! Please check the main community and OOC community often for announcements and events.


1. AU means your characters have different upbringings, no powers, etc, and while these things will effect your character in some ways, AU does not mean LOL FREE FOR ALL OOC PARTY WOO! Please keep this in mind.

2. No chatspeak, 1337, or whatever out of character. In character is fair game as long as it's IC for your character.

3. If you have a problem, please either speak to a mod or contact the person you have a problem with directly.

4. You must be active, please update at least twice a week. Hiatuses will be allowed for one month, unless otherwise approved by all mods.

5. You may not have more than 5 characters at this time.

6. All ratings of play are allowed here, however, anything about a PG-13 rating must be under a cut with an appropriate warning, as well as warnings for any triggers. (rape, fetishes, cutting, etc.) If there is a warning like this and you still go read it and then are offended, well... Sucks to be you.

7. I hate to do this, but any and all plotlines involving rape/pregnancy/death of a player character/etc. must be run by the mods first. It's highly unlikely that you'll be turned down for anything, but we'd like a heads up so we can plan accordingly.

8. All sexualities are allowed here in play, however, please try to keep it realistic.


freetailhigh_rp is where IC announcements and modly things like Friends Add Lists and event announcements go. freetail_ooc is where OOC announcements like hiatuses, new and dropped characters, introductions, etc. go. freetail_logs is where rp logs and IC AIM logs go.

Main Comm: freetailhigh_rp
OOC Comm: freetail_ooc
RP Log Comm: freetail_logs
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