George and Fred Weasley + Tulio M. and Miguel R. (gftm_radio) wrote in freetailhigh_rp,
George and Fred Weasley + Tulio M. and Miguel R.

GFTM RADIO- April 5th, 2007

Goooooood Morning, Freetail! It's Miguel Rivera- and Tulio Mignogna here with GFTM Radio on this lovely morning of April fifth, 2007!

We apologize for the slacking on our part, but Miguel and I were out of town- I was on vacation! I was looking at colleges. And we think that the Wondertwins exploded on April Fool's because they could only prank their other siblings. That's really likely, that.

In any case, here we go. Real announceme- Wait! I just realized something! An apostrophe? Epiphany. And yes. We missed Wednesday's broadcast. And Tuesday's, and Monday's... NO CAMEL AWARD THIS WEEK. You're excited about that?

Right, ANNOUNCEMENTS: Uh. Let's see. Honors Drama Auditions are after school, next Monday with Trouillefou. Have your monologue memorized and essay typed.

Summer Driver's Education is starting soon! You have to be fourteen-and-a-half to sign up. Submit your filled-out applications to the front office, yadda-yadda.

"Did you know that Freetail High School has a Newspaper?" No, I didn't. "Well, they don't!" Well, that would explain it. "Sign the petition to help us spread the word of our school." What? This sounds like people are trying to say that we don't do a good enough job... Well, we never talk about the football team... If they submitted announcements to us, we'd ANNOUNCE them. Jeez.

AND NOW, the Thursday Gossip Corner! Augh. What? I just don't want to get shoved into the janitor's closet again. That's why I don't read this segment anymore. Fine, I'll do it! This week we have multiple anonymous contributors. Rumor numero uno! "Katou's in the hospital because he has testicular cancer." IT'S AN EPIDEMIC, people! Of Cancer? NO. Of sickness. You worry too much. I worry exactly the rig-Moving on! Rumor Two: "Fay Flowright is in fact an evil wizard directly responsible for the sicknesses going around." Poor guy, he was in the hospital too, I heard. He probably sneezed on whoever sent this in. Three: "Crowley got crabs from Katou." ....Next, please. Four: "Professor Captain Sparrow has scurvy." Toss the guy a fruit bowl. And lastly, "GFTM Radio stands for 'Good f-ing this morning.'" Did you just say "effing"? Censorship, Tulio!

Whatever. Have a good day, everyone.
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