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George and Fred Weasley + Tulio M. and Miguel R.


((Hey guys, guess what? We have morning announcement guys now. :D It's Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter and Tulio and Miguel Miguel and Tulio, Mighty and Powerful Gods! from The Road to El Dorado. GFTM stands for their names, and this is broadcast over the PA system every morning, for about fifteen minutes or so around third period. They do random segments on certain days, like "Gossip Thursdays". So, if you guys have any gossip you want included, contact Katu or Meg and we'll make sure it gets in here. You'll all get a hang of the font colors eventually. Also, since these are announcements, rant about it in your journals, please. OOC comments only here. :D Edit: Also, note. We'll always do these the night before the day they're intended for, just so we can give the players some time to respond. ^_^ Have fun, kids. Keep it clean.))

Good Morning, Freetail! This is Fred Weasley! George Weasley! Miguel Rivera! And last- But possibly least- HEY. ...Tulio Mignogna. Welcome to GTFM Radio on this beautiful morning of March 28th, 2007!

Have we got some great news for you!

Do we really have great news? Everything is great news when you like to hear yourself talk.

SPRING BREAK IS COMING UP! All next week! So, don't come to school and stuff!

Miroku Houshi is still looking for tech theatre kids willing to sell their souls to the Drama department for the next two months in preparation for the musical. Please contact via Professor Trol...Troo... I have no idea how to say it! Mr. T, the Drama teacher. Or hunt him down yourself.

Prom Committee will be meeting...oh, I wasn't supposed to read this one, was I? Eh? Says here that "Prom Committee will be meeting as soon as Professor Fluffy gives in and says that he'll take over for Mrs. Jackson, who is out on maternity leave. Because he's a-" ....We're supposed to keep the announcements 'clean and school appropriate'... "Sincerely, Forever Yours, Fou-Trou."

And now, for the Camel Award! The award given out every Wednesday! What the- you just made this up, didn't you? Yeah? So? Whatever, continue. This week, we award the Camel Award to Toushirou Hitsugaya! YAAAAAAY! ....We need some confetti. Hitsugaya will be awarded... ...uh. Hair gel? Hair Gel! Yes, Hair gel! Hitsugaya, come find one of us and we'll give you some free hair gel. So, what on earth is a Camel Award? ...... We'll figure that out later!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

What the hell's a Camel Award?!
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