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Announcements, announcements, ANNOUNCEMENTS!

A terrible way to die, a terrible way to die! A terrible way to be talked to death, a terrible to die.

GOOD MOOOOOOOOORNING FREETAIL!! ....afternoon, evening, whatever.

Anyway, I'm here to talk about some of the fun things that are happening here at Freetail now!

Strangely enough, they're all things relating to the Freetail Drama Department, kind of.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS! Make sure you all have purple_tights on your friendslist. That's Clopin Trouillefou. (Don't worry, I can't say his name, either) He's the Drama teacher and resident riddler here at Freetail, and every week he's going to have a riddle posted up in the journal. These riddles will range from very easy to kind of hard. Now, in the game, every week, Clopin has bribed all the teachers to give the winning character extra credit in a certain class. But, that's no fun for the players, is it? So, if you get the riddle right three times, I'll draw you someone. :D Just about anyone, as far as my ability allows. (Here's my deviantArt account if you're curious.) It will be a Full Computer-Color image. So, that should be pretty fun, I think. Tell me what's going through your minds about it!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Remember how I posted about the musical "Singin' in the Rain" a while back? Guess what? WE TOTALLY DON'T HAVE A CAST. XD If you want your character to be in the show, leave a comment and we can discuss! The main roles are:

Don Lockwood, the lead. "A Hollywood actor in silent movies. He is witty and charming. A baritone that can sing and dance."
Kathy Selden, the other lead. "A struggling actress in Hollywood. She is strong-willed and smart. She is a sweet sounding belter who can dance."
Cosmo Brown. "Don’s very comical sidekick. He is the studio’s head musician. He is a belting tenor with athleticism."
Lina Lamont. "A beautiful silent movie star with a very annoying speaking voice. She is a belter."

Find the rest of the roles Here. I'd probably add a larger ensemble cast than what they have- those are just the speaking roles.

If we don't get enough students, Clopin's going to start bribing teachers to do some roles.

AND FINALLY, everyone, mention Freetail to your friends! It'd be great to see some new faces around here!

WOW, I wrote alot. O_o
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