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Whoo. Look, it's not the guys! I'm working on getting some of the stuff around here updated, and just so you know, the Taken Characters list is updated.

BUT. I've come to announce something. The GFTM boys should do this, but they aren't concerned with the HTML/Graphic aspect of the community. Says who? GO. AWAY.

We're gonna hold a banner contest thingy!

Because I'm re-working the Freetail High profile, I had an apostrophe epiphany and realized that we didn't have a banner or any graphics other than the lame freetail_logs icon that I made. SO! Iconmakers of the community, MAKE US SUM BANNERS KTHX.

Your deadline is.... How about May 15th? Sound good?

The banner can be just about anything. (save for porn. Though we seem to have some of that at this community... *shot*) In any case, it'd be really cool to see if anyone comes up with something bat themed, or mayhaps something with a few of our staple characters. Considering that we have no idea how many people could end up joining this community, it would be cool to have a banner we could edit. I don't know how many of you remember the old Mugenjou stuff, but something like that could be easy to edit. There was also another huge banner we had with all of the character's icons on them, but I dunno if we want that for the main community. (Also, colorbars. Guys, please, if you want to make them, DO SO XD)

But we'll see what happens, right? Everyone have fun with it and do your best! :D
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