George and Fred Weasley + Tulio M. and Miguel R. (gftm_radio) wrote in freetailhigh_rp,
George and Fred Weasley + Tulio M. and Miguel R.


AHEM. Ready, George? Absolutely, Fred! You, Miguel? Sure am! And you, Tulio? NO. Oh, you're no fun. Let's go!

Announcements, announcements, ANNOOOOOOOUNCEMENTS.
A terrible way to die, a terrible way to die! A terrible way to be talked to death, a terrible way to die!

See, all that fun and you missed out, Tulio. ...right.

Not much by way of actual announcements today, folks, which might explain that... lovely little diddy.

Oh! Mister Daiyoukai, you're being requested to take over the prom, otherwise there will be NO prom this year and some very angry seniors at your door.

Speaking of Fluffykins, "Janitors: Please throw out the flyers to apply to be Daiyoukai's boy-toy, he's already got one. Thank you, Management." I seriously doubt that was from the principal. It's not. It's from one of the teachers. Is that purple glittery gel-pen? Why, yes, I'm afraid it is.

And, speaking of boy-toys, a big shout-out to Kira. Yes, thanks for our germs! Microbes. Oh, whatever.

Have a nice day, everyone!

((Yes, there are bright pink flyers with an application to be Sesshoumaru's boytoy on them all over the school.))
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